Community Support

Mental illness strikes 1 in 5 people. Most people with mental illnesses do not live in institutions. They are most likely a co-worker, neighbor, friend or even a family member.

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The State of North Carolina has cut fees for some of our vital services and created a system that has placed barriers to the mentally ill receiving adequate care. Help for many is in jeopardy.

Business and individuals recognize this and support our efforts daily. The care that we provide each day will not be available without funding from caring citizens and businesses in our community.

MHA-Triad depends on governmental grants and funding as well as contributions from the community to continue to provide mental health services. Our major internal fundraising efforts center on our annual fundraiser, Yellow Bandana Evening and our Spring and Holiday appeals.

MHA-Triad is fortunate to have tremendous support from High Point and surrounding area. All within our community realize the need MHA-Triad strives to address. Individuals, businesses, social organizations, church organizations and others respond consistently to our annual fundraising drive. Over 237 donations from our community help sustain our work.

Fall 2021 saw the post-pandemic return of the annual fundraiser for Mental Health Associates of the Triad. This well attended event provides a wonderful opportunity for the community to gather, learn, and reflect on the important work of MHA-Triad. 2021 donors will be listed in the link below.

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