Court Programs

MHA-Triad is an important part of our community. The agency does significant work with the courts of the 18th District. MHA-Triad accepts direct referrals from judges, the Public Defenders Office, the District Attorney’s Office and private attorneys.


For further information, contact:

Dr. Kim Soban, Ph.D, LCMHC, CFMHE
Director of Forensic Services, MHA-Triad

Dr. Soban is one of four individuals in the state of North Carolina who is certified through the National Board of Forensic Evaluators. She is one of 122 in the nation to be so designated.

Dr. Soban is responsible for forensic evaluations.

MHA is also thrilled to support the work of Dr. Soban serving as the mental health consultant for the High Point Police Department.

Court Services

Mental Health Associates of the Triad is the only mental health agency in the county which works with the courts of the 18th District to give direct assessments of individuals who are incarcerated and have a mental health diagnosis. The goal of the work is to provide care which addresses an individual’s mental illness, compliance with which can eliminate or reduce the need for incarceration (i.e., jail) or referral to higher-level treatment options (i.e., hospitalization). The role of MHA-Triad is the provision of a mental health or substance use assessment, diagnosis, development of a care plan, therapy, and linkage to other treatment as appropriate. Available only to clients in Guilford County.

Jail Diversion Program

Mental Health Associates of the Triad assumed the Guilford County Jail Diversion contract from Sandhills Center in October 2018. Jail Diversion is designed to provide an alternative to incarceration for people who are jailed as a result of behaviors caused by their mental illness. In Guilford County, only individuals charged with a misdemeanor are eligible for this service. After identifying the individuals eligible for possible diversion, we meet with the defendant to determine their current needs. This allows us to interact with and hopefully link even more individuals to the treatment they need in Guilford County.

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