Destiny House

. . . So I came to Destiny House and it helped me. I was sad and wouldn’t talk to anybody. After I started to talk to people, I was not shameful any more. I started helping around Destiny House. I knew it was the place for me. I love Destiny House. I love the staff. They are real sweet. I love the people around me. They seem like a family to me. 

A Client

Referrals & Fees

The agency’s longest-standing program is Destiny House, an all-day program designed for adults with severe mental illness.

Admission to the Destiny House program requires a professional referral. We will facilitate that process for you with a phone call.

The program is Medicaid eligible and there is further capacity to serve consumers who have no health insurance but meet other admission requirements.

Transportation and lunch are provided at no cost to the consumer.


Through programming that is offered up to 5 days per week and 5 hours per day, a Destiny House participant is provided with a variety of options to improve his or her mental health and well being. The program provides an excellent resource for adults with mental illness as they transition into increasingly less restrictive levels of care toward maintenance. Activities include:

  • Community integration activities
  • Monitoring of psychiatric symptoms
  • Behavioral interventions
  • Family support services
  • Prevocational/vocational training
  • Basic educational skills development


Destiny House offers psychological, vocational, educational and other rehabilitation services to adults 18 years of age or older.

Through a series of planned sessions and classes, we educate participants about their mental health issues and offer information about the importance of medication, physical wellness and other relevant issues. We provide adaptive training in the areas of personal care, social skills, communication, leisure activities, problem-solving, health care and more. Through individual and group support, consumers are evaluated as necessary.

Service. Advocacy. Outreach.