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We serve clients of all income levels and are one of only two community agencies that can provide quality mental health care to individuals with no health insurance or other financial resources. 

We need your help.

In 2020, through our programs for adults with mental illness (and in spite of Covid-19) we have reached 2,000 individuals in greater High Point. That is good news!

When Covid-19 entered our world, we took a drastic budget cut and, in addition, needed to cancel all off-site fundraising events. The agency lost on all fronts but we are committed to meeting the challenge. Our 2021 efforts are to maintain and to move forward with new strategies. We must partner with our supporters to make this possible.

The work of Mental Health Associates of the Triad is vital. As we adjust to a changing world, we find ourselves facing greatly increased need. While we serve clients of every income level, we are one of two area agencies that can provide quality mental health services to the poor and working poor.

From a client.

This is the first time in my life I’ve gotten help for my addiction and mental health problems. A year later, I have a full-time job.” Derrick J., 24 years old

We serve our clients regardless of their ability to pay and we must find a way to absorb that cost.

We know you are constantly asked to consider many worthy requests for donations, but please consider that the needs of the mentally ill affect everyone in the community. Please give this request serious thought. Your contribution, added to the contribution of many others, will help those who otherwise may not have adequate resources to receive desperately needed help. Thank you for considering this appeal. We wish you a safe and healthy 2021.

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