The MHA-Triad Team

MHA-Triad assures our
community has accessible and appropriate mental health services.
Our professional and support staff work tirelessly to accomplish this mission.

Name and Title

Ellen Cochran, MED

Dr. Kim Soban, PhD, LCMHC, CFMHE
Director of Forensic Services

Regina Patterson, MSW, LCSW
Clinical Director

Pauline Shavers-Cunningham
Office Manager

Jackie Gerold
Billing and Intake Specialist

Mary Davis
Administrative Assistant

Sharon Alexander
Program Director, Destiny House

Ariane Omari
Mental Health Associate, Destiny House

Dave Trayford, LCMHC
Clinical Therapist

Megan Stone, LCSW-A
Clinical Therapist

Sharion Wanton
Peer Support Specialist

John Michelotti
Peer Support Specialist

Ralph Rodland, CSAC, CCIP
Substance Abuse Counselor

Service. Advocacy. Outreach.