Court Services

Care and support for individuals facing incarceration.

Mental Health Associates of the Triad is the only Guilford County mental health that works directly with the courts of the 18th District. When requested by referral, we make thorough assessments of individuals who are – or are at risk of being – incarcerated with a mental health diagnosis. 

Our goal is to address the individual’s mental illness and eliminate or reduce their need for incarceration. Personalized Court Programs typically include development of a Care Plan based on counseling and therapy and may recommend referral to a higher-level treatment or hospitalization. In each case, we’re always looking out for the best interest of the patient and the community.

Meet our Court Services Director

Dr. KimDr. Kim Soban, the agency’s Director of Court Services, is a dedicated advocate of our Court Programs. She is one of four individuals certified in NC by the National Board of Forensic Evaluators and one of only 122 in the nation. Her extensive experience and training consistently work in favor of patients who can’t represent themselves.


Court Services

Created as a stand-alone forensic program for Guilford County, our Court Programs offer services that range from initial evaluations to helping mentally ill individuals avoid unnecessary arrest or incarceration. Court Programs is supported by Sandhills Center as a publicly funded LME-MCO.


Forensic Evaluations

Attorneys and courts typically seek qualified assessments of defendants with mental health issues. Our evaluations help courts and juries make more educated decisions about criminal offenders.


Mental Health and Other Assessments

Assessments cover mental health and/or SUD history and reveal how these conditions have affected an individual’s behavior.



Jail Diversion

In certain situations, our evaluations can provide alternatives to incarceration for individuals arrested because of behaviors caused by their mental illness.

Mental Health Associates of the Triad

Has completed 6,000 assessments  with Guilford County Court Services.

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